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De Kwakel, January 2024 – The Hibiscus Werk Groep is thrilled to present two new hibiscus varieties: BILBAO and PALERMO. These two varieties perform outstanding under South-European climate conditions. Bilbao and Palermo are commercially available in 2024.

Bilbao has soft white flowers with a red/pink almost fluorescent heart that attracts the eye. Palermo has bright pink flowers with a soft toned flower heart and dark green leaves.
Bilbao and Palermo are supplied in 14 cm pots, grown from one cutting. Both varieties produce sufficient branches for small pots after one round of pinching. For bigger pots like 19 or 23 cm a second round of pinching will do.

Sunny Cities is a brand from the Hibiscus Werk Groep. This group exists of three renowned Dutch Hibiscus producers, the Dutch breeding company Agriom and young plant producer Piante Keicher in Italy. Our most recent selection program focuses on the development of varieties that can be grown under South-European climate conditions. Previously we introduced Amalfi, Verona, Lucca, Sabaudia and Sorrento among others.

For further information, please contact Jan ten Brinke: +31 6 5582 6262 /